Ariel Washing Gel Original 888ml 24 Washes

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Cleans brrrilliantly even in a cold wash. The unique super concentrated washing gel targets stains fast even in a quick wash. Protects your clothes and enhances whiteness and colour vibrancy. New scent that leaves your clothes smelling fresh. Easy and convenient bottle that enables precise dosing with just a squeeze. Ariel laundry detergent is also available in 3in1 Pods washing capsules, washing liquid and washing powder. Ariel Gel provides you with brrrrilliant cleaning even in a cold wash. With Ariel's washing gel, you no longer need to choose between cleaning and care. Unlike washing powder, this super concentrated detergent activates in cold water and dissolves rapidly even in a quick wash, removing stains and leaving your clothes clean and vibrant. Use together with Lenor fabric conditioners and Unstoppables In Wash Scent Booster, for an extra boost of softness and freshness. 24 washes based on 37ml per wash.