Bold 2in1 Washing Powder Lavender & Camomile 650Kg 10 Washes

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Irresistible freshness in every scoop. Bold 2in1 Washing Powder deeply clean your clothes for brilliant results. Irresistible scents, designed by Lenor Perfume Experts. For a natural & relaxing lavender scent. Created to work in perfect harmony with Lenor Lavender & Camomile fabric conditioner. Also available in washing pods & washing liquid. Irresistible freshness in every scoop. There’s nothing like this Bold washing detergent to feel the pampering, relaxing feeling of a spa and that relaxing feeling of bathing salts between your toes. The scent of this variant will make you feel like a million bucks. Take your senses on a relaxing stroll thought fragrant fields of fresh Lavender and let your cares melt away. This timeless scent blends soothing Camomile, Warm Woods and soothing Manuka Honey notes for a blissful feeling of serenity and harmony. And if you want even more of the scent you love, use Lenor fabric conditioner with your favorite Bold detergent. Designed by Lenor Perfume Experts, Bold Lavender & Camomile was created to work in perfect harmony with Lenor Lavender & Camomile for irresistible scent experience. 10 washes based on 65g per wash.