Cillit Bang Power Cleaner 100% Limescale Remover 1L

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Professional size. Powerful soap scum removal. Stay clean 4x longer* *vs previous formula Our formula has nothing to hide Stunning Trigger - Widely recyclable and 2x more powerful Cleansing Agents Citric, Formic & Sulfonic Acids - 100% limescale removal Surfactants - 100% dirt removal* *vs previous formula Protective Agents Polymer - Prevent from limescale redeposition Freshness Booster Fragrance - For a pleasant and fruity scent Stabilizers Sodium Citrate - pH controller Water - Solvent Our super-effective foam quickly removes limescale, soap deposits and grime on many surfaces inside and outside your home. Its formula forms a protective film onto your surfaces, preventing stains from coming back, and keeping your bathroom clean for longer. Ideal for: Sinks, toilets, glass, tiled walls, draining boards, arcylic, ceramic surfaces, bath tubs, showers, stainless steel taps