Clean Pro+ Urinal Cleaner H38 1 Litre

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Prepare and Use

Directions for Use - Ready to Use To be used to clean and mask odours in urinals in conjunction with Clean Pro Plus Urinal Caps (H37). Also for use in washrooms and toilets to mask unpleasant odours. For daily use, or more often as required, to maintain clean and odour-free washrooms. Urinals: Spray Urinal Cleaner around all parts of the urinal bowl. Allow to drain through the urinal cap. Do not rinse. Other Washroom Areas: Spray Urinal Cleaner onto contaminated surfaces, working well into the soiling with a clean damp cloth or damp mop. Leave to work for a few minutes before wiping/mopping away any excess liquid. Do not rinse but allow to dry slowly. Repeat applications will be required on long-terms problems. Spray and wipe/mop contaminated and soiled areas regularly. The use of disinfectant, bleach or caustic substances will destroy the microorganisms used in this technology.