Eager Cloudy Pressed Apple Juice 1 Litre

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Not from concentrate. Eager naturally cloudy pressed apple juice comes from a variety of the finest European apples. They're less sweet with more bite, resulting in a lighter cleaner taste. And because of the careful blend of apples used, you can enjoy more than one glass without getting that heavy feeling. So if you're eager for the apple, if temptation gnaws at your inner core, then squeeze those pips. Daddy's found his apples. Did you know? A 200 ml glass of Eager Apple Juice counts as 1 of your 5-a-day portions of fruit and veg. Which eager juice will you try next? Discover more If patience and calm indifference don't feature in your personal dictionary and you're eager to know more about the range of fabulously good juices, then hot foot it to www.eagerdrinks.com You'll be hard pressed to find better.