Easy 3 in 1 Summer Breeze Fabric Softener + Iron Glide 1014g

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Not tested on animals. 13 standard washes* * This pack contains up to 13 standards washes based on the recommended dosage for normal soiling in medium water hardness. Levels in this pack can vary due to settling. This powder is sold by weight. *Compared to our standard pack Easy 3 in 1 combines detergent with fabric conditioner. Its biological formulation is suitable for whites and colours. The summer breeze fabric conditioner helps prevent static and make clothes smoother and easier to iron. Tips for saving water, energy, CO2 and money Avoid underfilling the machine Dose according to soil and water hardness - use the dosing instructions Wash at low temperature Save packaging - recycle or refill www.washright.com www.sustainable-cleaning.com