FunkinPro Passion Fruit Purée 1kg

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Professional cocktails, smoothies, desserts. Halal quality control. Kosher - Pareve. Established in 1999, Funkin use only the best ingredients and never add any artificial colours or preservatives. With a wide selection of incredible fresh fruit purées carefully sourced from around the globe and a range of sensational syrups, FunkinPro proudly provide the world's top bartenders and chef's with the finest ingredients to help create innovative and delectable tasting cocktails and food. We've perfected our recipes so that you have the freshest ingredients at your fingertips to create your very own masterpieces - now it's over to you! Preferred by top bartenders worldwide, FunkinPro is the professionals' choice for making the most delicious cocktails. We carefully select the best sun-ripened fruit to bring you more than twenty flavours, each perfectly blended to compliment the finest alcohols. To join the Funkin Bartender's Club, sign up to our loyalty reward scheme or view the full FunkinPro range drop by our website Join the conversation @Funkinpro Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube