Harpic Power Plus Original Professional 1L

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Kills 99.9% of bacteria. Ready-to-use toilet disinfection cleaner. Harpic power Plus is the most powerful liquid toilet cleaner*, for when you need a truly deep clean above and below the waterline. The powerful formula clings to the bowl to attack all germs, effectively eliminate Lime scale and remove stains, helping to give your toilet its deepest clean. *Vs. The rest of the Harpic range +such as E.Coli, staphylococcus and salmonella. *on limescale removal 10x better than bleach** **on rust and limescale Did you know that Bleach disinfects but leaves limescale, home to germs, behind? Harpic Power Plus with its unique formula removes tough limescale & gets rid of germs, even the ones you cannot see. 10x Better than Bleach 1 Fast acting 2 Limescale 3 Tough stains 4 Rust 5 Below water 6 Dirt build up 7 Under rim 8 Urine stains 9 99.9% bacteria 10 Freshens www.cleanright.eu www.rbeuroinfo.com