Imodium® Original Capsules for Diarrhoea Relief, 6 Capsules

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Can relieve diarrhea in one dose. Help relieve your diarrhea with IMODIUM® Original. These capsules can provide fast diarrhea relief in one dose, in under one hour. Imodium helps slow down your bowel movements and return them to their normal rhythm. This medication should be taken by over 12 year old only. - IMODIUM® Originals can provide fast diarrhea relief in under 1 hour, this helps to restore the absorption of fluids into your body. - Trusted formula which has proven to provide diarrhea relief for over 40 years - Imodium works by gently slowing your digestion down and returning it to its normal rhythm. - Its often better to treat diarrhea when it first strikes. By treating diarrhea you can feel better and get on with your day. A consumer survey found 84% of us feel weak and tired when suffering from diarrhea.* Why leave it untreated when you can relieve diarrhea, and help reduce the loss of fluids and salts. *Imodium Claims Test, February 2011 - Contains Loperamide