Swan Lighter Fluid Extra Refined 100ml

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Extra refined. Fills all major petrol lighter brands. Cleaner burning. Gives consistent flame height. Improves lighter performance. Non-toxic. Child protective spout. Extra refined lighter fluid

Prepare and Use

Directions For Use 1. Raise nozzle into upright position before pouring. To open, lift the red spout to a vertical position by inserting a coin or a pin under the tip. 2. To fill lighter gently squeeze the sides of the can. 3. Close nozzle firmly after use to prevent fluid evaporation. Other Uses 1. Spot cleaning of grease from paper, cloth and similar absorbent materials. 2. Removes sticky labels (price tags etc.) 3. Softens and removes tar spots. NB test on a hidden area first. We recommend you read any instructions supplied with your lighter.